3 Ways Hemp Can Save the World

The talk of the town Hemp Oil is not new to even the least of the world, yet it seems to have been hidden away, and reintroduced to our society as of recently. Our world has suffered from many catastrophic man made ideals; yet now that Hemp is relevant and the benefits are becoming known, could it save us? This article will be discussing three main reasons why I believe Hemp could be the answer to saving our planet.

Reason Number One

We as a species have evolved significantly, using paper as a staple in our education system, in advertising, personal use, as well as within our workforce. No matter the amount of technology that is created, paper will always be the number one and most dependent item when it comes to mankind and our need for keeping information. As the population grows so does the demand for paper; it’s been stressed the amount of trees that are cut down for this very simple textile. Trees supply us with shade on hot days, beauty and not to mention, they give off the oxygen us humans need to survive. While Trees take forever to grow, Hemp grows ten times faster, and yes we can use Hemp to make paper. Hemp’s ability to create paper could most definitely save the eradication of our trees- very important.

Reason Number Two

Though Oil is a natural substance, it has been proven to be very destructive to the environment. Oil is used so largely in our society today that we depend on it for transportation, as well as to run our factories for human essentials; it pollutes our air, leading people as well as the environment to poor health. Hemp has so many uses that it can even replace the demand for fossil fuels! Growing and processing Hemp Oil can efficiently replace modern Oil quicker, as well as significantly improve the detriment pollution is reaping on our planet.

Reason Number Three

Our food supply has now been manipulated into a processed, genetically modified system; a necessary measure to keep our ever-growing population fed, yet it does lead to a more unhealthy society as well as shorter lifespans. Hemp is so useful that it could be healthily used as a filler in foods to expand the amount of supply; therefore feeding everyone, without having to consume poisonous additives.

Here’s The Takeaway

Thank you so much if you made it to the end, I had so much fun writing this article and I hope you enjoyed the read!

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